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Get inspiration for your next café, restaurant or hotel visit. With the SalamPlanet app, you can see recommendations from your friends and others at restaurants and hotels.


Experience SalamPlanet

Access to services that matter to you. Find the exact Qibla direction, keep tabs on public holidays, the Quran, prayer times and much more exciting stuff.


Share experiences

Inspire others to better experiences by quick and easy sharing of your own recommendations and experiences. Or share your opinion about other people's experiences.


Chat with friends

Communicate directly with your friends via chat. Discuss your experiences and impressions, plan your next café, restaurant or hotel visit - or simply chat because you want to be in touch.

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About SalamPlanet

With SalamPlanet, we will create an open community where we cherish and celebrate the good life. Where we inspire and get inspired to better experiences. We want a forum where you can easily and quickly find recommendations for restaurants and hotels to suit your preferences with regard to Muslim dietary habits and traditions. Where you can share your experiences with others.
Where you have access to a multitude of services which are based on Muslim cultures and traditions - where you let yourself be inspired, enlightened, entertained ... In short, the app is an open world for Muslims and all others who wish to access or be a part of the diversity of Islam - all based on the good life.

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